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Friday, February 24, 2012

Podcast Episode 36 - The Dark Side of Conventions

Vader and the force are cool and all, but bad things can happen when you hit the artist conventions around the country.  Join Mark Harchar, Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, Grant Cooley and Mike Sass as we discuss our experiences with different conventions and try to help those not familiar with the scene from turning to "THE DARKSIDE OF CONS". Moohahahaha....

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Listen to the podcast here!

1 comment:

  1. Great podcast! All true. I've done so many conventions with a wide variety of success. It's hard to understand what to expect until you realize that you'll never know what you get.

    I've stopped doing conventions starting Jan. 1st for many of the issues you named. I'd been actively setting up since 2005-06, but finally I came to realization that I'm at a point in my work that I need to stop. The loss/benefit wasn't working out even though I always break even; but that time could be spend building a buffer for the webcomics so I do more than break even. Not a lot of people really factor the loss time working on comics in another way which you'll miss if you go to a con to sell.

    Conventions are great but they are just one way to handle your comic biz and sometimes your time is better spent elsewhere.

    Shawn Granger